Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fish'em All! (demo)

There's no way around it: Fish'em All! is a blight on the WiiWare service and among the many reasons the Wii has a reputation for shovelware. The gameplay consists entirely in waving the Wiimote from side to side in order to catch jumping fish with a net. Sure there are three game modes (including "Fishtris", which is really a match-three game), some unique adversaries (including the shark from Jaws), and some other controls to move and jump. But there's no other game mechanic besides catching jumping fish with a net.

Fish'em All! screenshot

Prior interest: none

Nothing about the game appeals.

Odds of purchase: none

It's a bad sign when you get sick of a game before you've even finished the demo. Now I didn't try with a second player, which often helps this sort of game much the same way a few friends make a B-movie better. Not that I can imagine feeling the need to buy the game after experiencing the demo, which leaves little to the imagination.

As an aside, the player characters are named Jack and Walter. Hmmmmm:
Grumpier Old Men poster

Finally, you can't help but admire this woman's enthusiasm:

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