Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wii Menu 4.3

My Wii's blue disk slot lit up the other day to let me know about Wii Menu 4.3. As usual, the update removes "unauthorized modifications to save data or program files". I don't actually use any homebrew software, so it should be fine to update, right?

Actually, no (or at least not yet).

In my day job, I manage a complex computer system that needs to work all the time. We have tons of systems which need to be regularly patched in order to protect against exploits, add features and correct bugs. Every patch must be evaluated by weighing the risks of implementing it against the risks of not implementing. Make no mistake, every patch carries a risk.

So the problem with this patch is that Nintendo didn't tell us what it actually does. The only place to begin to get a clue about what it contains is from Homebrew enthusiasts. Besides removing various bugs and homebrew files, the patch seems to a) enable USB camera code currently used by one game and b) do something with SDHC. So it basically offers me nothing. (And encouraged me to poke around the homebrew community, which I've mostly avoided in the past. Thanks Nintendo!)